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Invel History

Invel®’s trajectory began in 1992, through the Goen3® company, founded with the objective of creating commercial partnerships. Goen, in Japanese, means link, union, bond and it was chosen to represent two forces that unite, becoming a third force: the force of union and synergy of a true team. In 1996, Goen® began its import and distribution activities of the famous green tea, a product that became fashionable in the 1990s due to its use in weight loss. At the same time, INFRARED irradiators were imported from Japan. It was the beginning of Invel® MIG3® technology conceptualization.
In a pioneer move, Goen3® nationalized the manufacturing of products incorporated with Mineral Ativo Biocerâmica® MIG3®, an excellent INFRARED irradiator in the 3-14.8 μm band. In February 1999, Goen3® launched its own brand with exclusive domain technology: Invel®.


Invel®’s first launch was Dome Corporal Invel®, a chamber used for esthetics and weight loss. Invel® achieved great growth through it. It began in the country with a partnership with 700 clinics, as well as international contacts, who made it possible for the brand to enter markets, such as France, known around the world as a reference and cradle of fashion, beauty and esthetic care.
The exclusive products, cosmetics and equipment using Mineral Ativo Biocerâmica®MIG3®, initially permitted esthetic treatments. However, the results exceeded expectations for treatments on behalf of weight loss and beauty, mainly providing improvements in other aspects of the body. Reports arose about improvements with cellulitis and pain, reduced swelling, improved cicatrization and sleep, among other reports of several improvements that caught Invel®’s attention. So, it was time to unite forces with researchers from renowned universities with the objective of developing studies and experiences that could scientifically prove the benefits indicated by Invel® product users.
The decision to expand its directions, until then focused on esthetics, indicated a long path for Invel®. Thus, the brand invested in science and in research, disseminating knowledge in countless medical events, symposiums, congresses, while also being integrated to medical schools and health are in Brazil and abroad.
In 2005, Invel® registered Bermuda Invel® ANTI-CELLULITE at the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) of the Ministry of Health (No. 80104760001), representing a milestone in the new era of non-invasive treatment, developing the most practical way for treating cellulite: Bermuda.
That same year, Invel® Japan was founded in Tokyo, in a new international expansion model, which took Invel® products, produced in Brazil, to the Japanese. In 2008, the IITP® –Invel® Institute of Technology and Research was founded, responsible for developing and improving Invel® technology. Through constant partnership work with Brazil’s main universities and research centers, IITP® intellectual capital maintains Invel® as the leaders in LONG INFRARED technology in the world. IITP® licenses MIG3® technology for companies that develop products, adding the benefits of Mineral Ativo Biocerâmica® MIG3®.
The undeniable effects proven by satisfactory results in Invel® MIG3® technology research, the credibility and trust of customers, researchers from renowned universities and health professionals in the brand’s products, equipment and treatment are natural consequences of the Invel® team’s dedication and seriousness. All its professionals are focused on ethics, honesty, science and on the purpose behind using its products for improving people’s quality of life.

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